In any attempt to banish the toothless bumpkin origins of our past, a pasty, puffy lipped, green eyed with yellow lenses past shared cannot be dimmed and whitened by American elites so they can shave our forests and design sanitized golf courses where white people come to drink and eat and smoke and fuck sterilely and swim and shit, We were never designed to be bourgeois, we are Irish, men of slavery, men of incest, primitivism, corruption, bribery, fear, primitivism, the call of the deathly wilds runs through our ears like grey hammers.

They give our middle classes the Tiger, they lobby for water charger so to slake equates to some quick windfall into the elite backpockets. We were never designed for this. This cannot become our culture. We are primitive, soulful, spiritual, feverish hearts beating to a rhythmic clock, listening to it tick-tock and rewind the grainy visions of lamb-hock and Barolo in South Hampton beach with Tom’s and flannels and Gucci and the material empires. We’re the toothless farmer with no dentistry, the wistful bogman tightening his breaches, letting out stank farts after the ninth stout before dinner and his enigmatic eyes contain gentle verse of diamond braille, his giant heart beating warmly, gazing into the Atlantic, to America, that new land, still throbbing like the giant bass fingers of Mingus and the tangerine flames of twilight curling across the sky.

Do not be coerced into the gold vacuum of wealth and fame and power, live with the vital spirits, those who stoke the embers among you and those who cause belly laughs and those who listen and those who trust and those who search and live with a voracious intensity, and the love of the voluptuous and the sharing of a kiss under psychedelic moonlight by the canal and the whispering ghosts of prior twilights all dancing on the canal in shimmering obscurity, yet just violent enough to feel. Don’t pamper yourself in egyptian cotton for too long, softening the keen edges of a violent mind, yet hardening the heart to real cruelty and real egalitarianism and real fraternity and patience and warmth and colour and respect. Chasten yourself against these venal eccentricities adopted by the bitter and truly twisted, those who have manipulated our children and invaded, surreptitiously our homes and our minds and embellish our true history, that of the passionate savage, chest beating in a wood yet unscrupulously dedicated to love, honour and a unified truth.

You gallant lush you!

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