Well it’s 2025 folks and my it’s been quite a ten years what with the revolutions in biology, economy, science, psychology and technology. Let me describe some of the leaps and bounds humanity has made by opening Pandora’s sacred box.

Social media has become monetized – now every friend request, new song you stream, product you advertise on your timeline earns you a dollar, every youtube comment you make or had made previously (we’ll get to that later) costs you twenty cents. Every hit your song, app, photograph, cloud computing, sex video, confession gets you earn two dollars. Facebook is charged in accordance with peak rates. If 1 billion people are using it at 8:00 am on a Monday it costs 11c p/m but, let’s say 3.5 billion people are using it at lunchtime on a Friday, well that’ll cost you 55c p/m, not to mention should your timeline become soggy, boring and unpopular, well then dear Friend, your credit will run out and you will then become enslaved as a dreaded programmer, subsumed into the system of Big Data, forced to encrypt vast algorithms into even deeper databases, and only fed liquid nourishment as the planet’s resources have become so gravely depleted. Popularity, celebrity, materialism, consumerism and individualism HAVE become the economy – all natural gases, minerals, oils have been annexed by the Power and food is only dispensed to the Elite – leaving impoverished programmers living on kale juice (their only exercize pilates).

Sports, music, opera, visual art, film are left to the truly popular, connected and Elite. To watch an Oscar nominated film made by one of the big Producers will cost you eight hundred credits. A piece of cambozola nine hundred. A glass of champagne? Forget it. You’ll drink kale juice or nothin’. The middle classes, the Middle Users have all the fun – sporadic binges with the elite, occasionally dalliances in the programming world, but, such is their mental dexterity, they are capable of trapezing across the societal divide – even charming the occasionally ruby eyed Robot with their pre-post-trans-human-Otherness.

The music of the masses, the lower echelon Users is actively composed by machines, aiming to deplete the critical faculties of the User, in order so they become disillusioned and enveloped even deeper into the System, their Twitter feeds, their timelines, their Credit statements reading like the tastes of a hypnotized guinea pig of the System.

On the plus side, despite the thriving inequality, moral equity is on the up – it is merely people’s greed and lust for individualism and fame that is exploited, and, is there anything really wrong with that?

It’s become a sanitized System, and a sanitized Earth; there is very little homophobia, racism, degradation, poverty, suffering and so forth because most of the earth’s population was annihilated during the great Cull. Around 4,000 people are in Power – and these are people formerly known as Slaves, Minorities, The Persecuted and The Poor in the Old Word. Ironically, this gene pool proved to be the most Moral, the most Righteous, and the most Noble.

The population swelled to over 8 billion in 2022, leaving the Chem Giants no alternative but to initiate one of the gravest genocides since time immemorial. The continents of America, Australia and sub-continent of India  are now virtually uninhabitable due to global warming, central Europe is mostly subsumed beneath water and Eastern Europe is mainly the site for a myriad of army barracks located in labyrinthine caves and gullies. Most habitable zones are diaphanous Bio Domes constructed and devised by the Elite – mainly located in Jordan, Libya and parts of East Africa. Little did previous generations know, in their gluttonous reveries, that The Poor and The Slaves would prove so efficient in managing humanity and the Earth following The Great Battle not long before the Cull.

Big Data controls everything. Internet, knowledge and economy are bosom buddies, inextricably fused. Human experience has been elevated into a schema, a chimera designed by robots so humans will consume more and ultimately die out, only the select, genetically modified few selected to go to Mars – projected to be in 2080 – a now revitalized rock with the advent of Gas Converters and the increased temperatures of the sun, the plan is to reify a Supreme Society of intellectuals and highly moral machines.

There are a few bourgeoisie left.

I will tell the story of Jason and Greta to illustrate.

Jason and Greta are fucking, fornicating, boning. Greta is programming a new app to earn credits for more facebook time, more likes equal more clothes and of course on Porn Hub live anal sex inevitably yields at least 400 hits and around 230 likes which should see her through the weekend. She will let Jason creampie her for another 100 likes, hopefully, which should see that 230 bumped up to a 400 and the hits up to at least 1k. At least.

Jason is live tweeting the sexual act, earning himself multiple retweets for each crude offering on his feed. “She’s so tight!” “Man, should I get her to rim me?!” 25 retweets, 3 favourites. Of course Jason is the bourgeois, he only has roughly 300 followers a week, which vacillates, earning around 170 favourites and a changeable number of retweets, all of course depending on the volume of his tweets and how much credits he has to power his devices which include a multi-purpose Tablet and Desktop. Electricity has also become monetized through the Web. The conventional work space is gone. What earns money nowadays is what YOU do, big Corporations WATCH, they don’t NEED interns, underlings or subordinates as in the Old Word – Robots are so infinitely less hassle, smelly and ruthlessly more efficient.

Jason comes. The likes and retweets dribble along. The electricity flickers. Their meter isn’t going to be satisfied. Greta will be OK. Her credit is good. *Poof* Lights out, just as Jason pulls out.

As sure as night follows day, two monochrome, rather beautiful robots whir astride Drones outside Jason’s window. “Oh No!”, he begins to whimper, clasping Greta’s glistening thigh. “Not the programming Dungeon!” Greta begins to cry. A cold blue emergency light begins to throb into vision, the only thing enshrouding them now in Jason’s apartment. Greta receives 3,000 subscriptions to her new app – an application for discerning the amount of eggs in a hen.  “Oh no!!!” The Robots have shapeshifted through the pipes and seized the naked Jason, his penis dangling in the air like a sad, deflated lizard. “I will see you again Greta….just check for my friend request or you know I tweet @YuNgBanger2020….I’ll see you soon my dear…..I looooooovv”, but as soon as he could finish those Traditional sentiments, the Robots had telekinetically numbed his brain and sedated him into a groggy docility.

Greta reached behind her self with the back of her hand and, wiping downwards into her ass crack, removed Jason’s semen from her anus. With a flicking motion she flicked his sperm against the wall, where it landed, glowing a silvery blue against the cold emergency light.


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