Little boy lost is a story of self discovery, a voyage into the naive unknown if you will. It is an attempt to describe the feeling of transcendence – a feeling that society labels “self destructive” when in fact I believe it to be the opposite – one must destroy the eggs first in order to rebuild the omelette. Our omelette here is MOE – a semi-autobiographical character, admittedly, and perhaps a bit sensationalized for your sakes ( I was not as daring nor as precocious as I hope to portray Moe to be.)

I will take MOE on an experiential journey of sense and intuition. It is set in Dublin, a town that I myself know very well and perhaps you do too and you will be able to recognize some of the place names mentioned. Some of these will include notorious casinos, nightclubs, bars, archways, parklands, alleyways streets within the city. I will not subject MOE entirely to the more depraved nooks of Dublin as I will also introduce him to the more historical domains of the city – as he shuns conventional schooling and instead seeks an auto-didactical relationship with knowledge and learning. So – I hope to have his story completed within a year – how much he will guide me through his sense and intuition I do not know but I do hope sweet dear MOE will entice you to come to sweet aul Dublinia and investigate for yourselves!


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