Repeated holy blows of invisible vapour

the torrents and whipcrack of guttural dolour

swarm and blister the skin

raping the fatty, tired heart

tearing new flesh asunder

from the thorax

the whispers of venomous tremors

cascade across the vertebrae

chilling the interior rains and shearing muscle from bone

from the bone to the brain

fuck a slut, douse her face in come

grasp a clutch of pills, obliterate your inner ills

then, feel them explode misery in your chest!

a ghastly dichotomy of bleary hope and will

walk through the ghostly corridors of your dormitory

hear the festive cheers and yelps of undergrads being brainwashed by television

cover yourself in sheets and masturbate to a feint memory

lower the volume

they mount the bus with syringes like trophies, the other side of the coin, scented scum, cadaverous, free fear

Hot boxed carriages from Marseille to Vienna

Gulping brandy on the train

Having your mind cave in, again and again

As you snarl across the Alps, light is chicken wire halving your iris, hazelnut tears of sweet glue onto your knees, which they themselves quiver

Bats in lanes skydive across the sepulchral silhouette of Europe

of the Gothic vistas in Victorian Dublin

the lugubrious treetops and a white cat dead supine on the overgrown lawn

starved beetles and roaches feasting on her dead teats

sucking the creamy thin boon from the torso

scuttling to the next shrub to nest and breed

casks of luscious poison gush, informing memory, rhyme and impulse

dole queues saintly spectral hands in the cold phoceaid of empty poets

bereft of all valour and gallantry, a dying voice in a lake of homogeny

mystic realities twist and writhe in dreams

dropping like beads of malicious mercury on the morning’s glades

ancient verses dance staccato from the clouds

twirling skeletons tango in hedgerow

and the Sandymount sea throbs blue sludge against the urinous sand

banks like haunted parlours, my teeth fall out and tears of blood sign the mortgage

my heart sings an Irish lament

I repent

fluorescent nightclubs hammer into my temples

the merciless din and dross of vulgar nests

featherless vultures group encircled by cigar mists

they fuck nightly, sometimes twice nightly

and I masturbate into my hand and watch my fluid shimmer in the moonlight

streaking visions of God and death and Devils project

from my mind alarms shrieking shrill and devastate

the chrome rapier rifling from gloom’s pocket

pierces my red ventricle

and I die

into sleep’s clutches

a weary lion

snoring, dreaming weakly, alone

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