Cheerfully I seize the nosediving thought!

Catch it, before it germinates and blossoms into a thick, opaque shrub

I walk along the river Dodder and fantasise about time travel and fisting the fabric through, sculpting my own sexy vortex

In Sevilla I think, there’s probably girls that I’d burrow into with heady Tempranillo teeth and barefoot on the balcony we’d watch the ruby moon sink into the tremulous honey peninsula

There’s a postbox I saw, down at the nexus of the Orwell Road – I wonder if I posted a letter to a random address would there come a reply?

The gloom light, the gloom light, the gloom light, the gloom

Donnie Darko

There was the girl from Bonn and her caramel thighs, they were nice I must say about her

I still grieve, I still feel abandoned, humiliated, stripped, amputated, rejected, sorrowful

Pluck my piss across this guitar







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