Black. Futureless. DART. On the Dart. Hopped on, but sat down creakily. Need a whiskey. Like a lamp fizzled out he stared, into the sea, coming into Dalkey. Dalkey black. Empty. Dublin’s gone. Back to the impoverished stone. Back to the grey lunches, lacking laughter, sad drives home, no climax or crescendo. Heartburn. Drudge. Fear. Melancholy. Cocaine snorted, champagne drank, houses, cars and clothes bought. Consumerism over. Religion full of paedophiles and dank kiddy cock breath, cum fog in a black church. Sport consumed by money. Families torn apart by unemployment. Snotty, disappointing babies and soon to be hideous teenagers. It’s a bum deal, get off at Vegas, drop acid and writhe under a neon canopy with American tourists staring at this pissed Irishman with his green eyes and funny accent. Back off, Hal or I’ll crack your cheekbone in two. Stare in the mirror in the bathroom I decide to change trains for Roslare. Used to go there as a boy with a pal of mine. Used to be there when things were looser. Used to be there. Used to. Eyes sharp, deep, searching in the mirror. I wont find it here. Girls sitting in a cubicle outside the jacks, cute eyes on one of them. Thinks about licking her hole. Flashbacks of orgies in the Clarence with two models from London. Getting breakfast in bead, snorting coke all through lunch in Guilbauds. Nothing now. It’s January and the hogs are barking at the door. There is fuck all. Fuck all to keep us occupied and fuck all to look forward to. City of stereotypes. Fuck all, I repeat. The sunshine doesn’t come and when it does it doesn’t last. Ireland is back to that clammy fucking piss pit of a shitting rat’s hole. Homophobic, asinine, dense idiots swarm the streets. Stereotypes. Sky television, netflix or some shitting HBO special. At least the Celtic Tiger had us shouting, had us saying something, had us hollering to Europe, “. Now we shrink, we skulk back into our little hive huts and have Germany pay our way. The fucking stinking cunts in govt. Those rotten little gee flaps, those bog-men, those fucking cunts.

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