Scared? Scared of what you mincing, limp faggot. Get your kecks off and let me watch you blow me after I fuck your arse. I’m going to cave in your little faggoty arsehole you dirty little runt. Why’d you be scared? Why’d you be cryin’ at all ye little gimpy geebag. You on the dole are ye? On the scratch is it ye? G’man. G’man ye lil scrounger, ye lil fuckin whingebag. Get up off that bed ye fucking howler. You fucking howler monkey. Into the boozer wiche. Into the bookies wiche ye lil faggot. Into the chipper wiche. “Two bags of onions rings please man..” Onion rings? Onion rings is it ye lil faggi, ye lil pox, ye lil gayer. On a diet are ye? Got the bike fixed ye? Lil hipster faggit ye. Trendy little queer ye. Fuckin sap. What’s that in yer pocket you fucking shameful cunt? Is that a bag of coke is it? Ye? Nice wan ye? Yehow! All the bayz on the rip wha! Get into that jax and bang a bump ye lil thick ye. That’s it. That’s it g’man. Now gerrupouravit. Gerrupouravit in to that club. Into that club with all the other lil faggits and queens and queers and fuckin wreckthegaff ye? G’man ye. “Two pints of Wicklow Wolf please man”. Who are you callin “man” you fucking sap, ye fucking joke. He’s not “man”, noones “man” you’re not in fucking SoCal ye fucking joke. Wicklow Wolf ye? Nice ye? Nice was it ye? Gettheminche and get back in that jax and dish out another couple of lines of dust for these scaldy lookin moths over there, ye? Nice man. They’re coming ye? They’ll be cummin alright wha?! Heeheehee. Show them the love man, ye? Yer a good cunt actually, yer alright, jeknowarimean? Yer sound ye? You should call yer ex man ye? Call yer Da, ye? Get into that phonebook ye fucking poor cunt and text yer mates. Get into that whatsapp and get deep man ye? You’re a sound cunt and you’ve had it tough and all. Bang another few lines out there for the girls ye? Few spliffs goin round ye and some molly ye? Nice man ye. No horse though. Stay away from that, ye? Nice few tokes ye? Few tunes bumping ye? Can feel that ice on your soul ye? Nice ye? Fucking lovin it mate.


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