Ye but you don’t have to — you could have it all sure don’t you know that, the crepuscular cake and strawberries and the gorgeous temperature of a hot shower after deep sex and perceive infinite secrets hidden between a lover’s ears and experience things to their bounteous and glorious depth, not sabotaged, distorted behind the ghastly lens of liquor! Sure you know you’ve got a sweet capability, are a nurturing young man, bound to real virtue and all of that Satanic excess is just a dreadful inversion in all that is good and saintly in you! 

You’re a scholar and a saint and I will do my earnest best not to be glib or duplicitous and to trust and follow you as if led by a lightbeam made of honey that will dissipate that Godawful fear in me and lead me to the sweet dreamlike peace of nonaddiction and unshackle me from this repetitive yarn!

Good man.

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