Start a family
In a sooty lung in Inchicore
Have the young’uns
Have their teeth knocked out
At the age of four
You can’t afford braces
Encourage them to stand up to the bullies
“Gummy” they call her
She gives head for nothing now
The lack of friction helps the lads come
Quicker than the fat birds
Who’d do it for chips
A glimpse of ecstasy as they’ve increased the dole by .19c
An extra bowl of sugar
To inject into your groin
As your son picks up another conviction
This time for aggravated assault
Sit in an uncomfortable seat
Saturnine and grey
Read the racing post
Your daughter announces she’s a homosexual
Her girlfriend resents you
You think she looks like a bloated snail
Your wife has long left you
All of those puppy dreams, gone
You sit alone in your damp dungeon
And hang yourself, eventually
With a hoover flex you got in the sales
Last January
Your corpse decaying
Limp in the cold twilight
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