Oxytocine drought. Love me, you morally depraved rump. Either that or you stomp and stamp your creased sheets under me, singing opera in some narcotic moonterror. The briars are cold and vitiate the blade in the morning. The rattling eel always makes his move before the bruised morning light ghouls into focus, the silver acetate, the social theatres. We’ve all got Gods in our hands now – no focal memory, just juxtapositions, tender, spectral horology. What is the cryptic code for all of this? Are the Russians really reading? Their great titans like Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chekov, even the brilliant poet Mendelstam. Are they stamping down from pillar to post to wrench away stability from the West while we lament and scapegoat the brittle bronze armour of a European schism. Putin looks like an pensive shark chiselled from Siberian marble. Bashar Al-Assad and his allies in Iran hear no screams as children’s lungs fill with hydrochloride. There is just a wasteland, just a dusty, empty deathbowl. Syrian regions produce wine, could produce food, could survive without both Amercian interventionism but not with bi-lateral dictatorship that sees oil and arms sold to Saudi Arabians to kill Yemenis, Israelis to butcher Palestinians, not to mention the hacking of limbs in Rohingya.
Maybe if Zuck increased our privacy settings,gave us a goblet made of cheese or just, you, know, sucked us off, things would become a little less unbearable. The custodians in power positions are bellicose, spoiled babies. Macron is a nightime cruising banker – nothing he says is listened to. France want to federalize their banks to heap even more weight onto their deadtowns, where I have been, and it is a tourist economy.
What is our conversation about? Yes, we have a generationally defining referendum coming up at home which we, as men, have a direct responsibility to uphold. But, after this, after we move into Ireland in 2020, a new dawn will have risen and we will have to embrace more immigrants, end the homelessness and addiciton epidemic (mental health services are vital in this regard as statistically people who end up on the streets have a diagnosable mental health issue). Connect Cork-Limerick-Dublin as vital European cities and stop fetishising Dublin.
This country should not have expelled any Russian diplomats, a petulent, irritant of a gesture and nothing that carries any real weight. World War Three is coming and it will involve Iran and Russian military seizing most of the middle east’s oil reserves, selling back to the world as the economy crashes in 2040 and we’re on the brink of famine in the Western world living on bean curd but still using instagram, and then, PRINCE WILL COME BACK AND SING I WOULD DIE 4 U and then we’ll all eat tacos and say “phew”, that was close.
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