Who’s to say time has no linear shape at all, is more shaped like a donut, with the late ages being robotic, post-human futurism (eschatology), and the early ages as molecular, microbial plant life and the end being the Big Bang – all for things to be rearranged and formed again. 

What if certain creations were eternal, created WITHIN the frame of the donut, such as computer code (dna), algorithm (the hive mind) and at some point of inception people had an opportunity to tweak these fundamentals for good (eternal life, Zen, love, sharing) or bad (disease, fear, greed, corporatism).  At some point people would have the opportunity at some precise longitude and latitude of that donut to alter the course of that donut permanently – ultimately breaking its code and emancipating humanity from ‘The Cycle’ and unifying them with shapeless, formless Nirvana –  something non-corporeal, non physical – something that transcends capture or programmation or simulation. When humanity breaks apart the sugar, flour, milk, eggs and icing of the donut – they will truly achieve ascendancy to a universe that is equal parts sensuous, limitless, gorgeous, coruscating and voluptuous. 

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